What is an arcade game?

Arcade games originally appeared at the end of the 20th century as slot machine games.

If we talk about “races”, then some of them can be arcades and simulators or something in between. As a result, you can interpret what an arcade is like this: this is a type of game in which you need to act as quickly as possible, relying on dexterity and reaction.

arcade game

Arcade as a genre

Arcades are divided into several types:

  • Racing (racing.)
  • Classic (classic.)
  • Fighting, Wrestling (fights, wrestling, fighting.)
  • Platformer (platformers.)
  • Scroller (scrollers)
  • Virtual Shooting (shooting range in virtual reality)

Until now, developers are creating more and more new projects that combine elements of both arcade and other genres, trying to attract the attention of more people and create something interesting and unique. Despite the fact that the peak of popularity of arcades came at the end of the 20th century, to this day this genre has a huge number of loyal fans, preventing it from ending its existence.

What’s going on now?

Like many other genres, arcades are gradually moving from the computer to the real world. In fact, this is real madness in the world of action games. Just imagine combining arcade machines with the popular TV show “Fort Boyard”: the end result is arcade quest.

The mechanics of this entertainment is that teams of 2-3 people compete with each other, trying to score more points than their rivals.

A huge plus is that this kind of leisure does not require special equipment and preliminary physical training. But take with you a good mood and a sense of self-irony, you also need a good reaction and dexterity.

Also, mini-arcades are increasingly being inserted into full-fledged quests. Such inserts are fun entertainment for people who want to take a break from continuous intellectual activity and puzzles. However, the developers leave it up to customers to choose whether to play an arcade game or go according to your usual scenario.

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