The Transformation of Online Bitcoin Gambling Over the Decades

The First Online Casino Appearance

The first online casino was InterCasino, which was established in 1996. At that time, 18 gambling games were available in the online casino. Now it is operated by Dumarca Gaming Ltd. There are thousands of online casinos in the world today, with the new online casino and slot machine sites opening almost every day. With over twenty years of experience, this casino has many features. It has been recognized and awarded multiple times for its fantastic bonus offers, super-fast no-frills payouts, and very helpful and responsive support.

Reasons and incentives for the development of online gambling in the 2000s

The year of growth for online casinos was 2001. People were starting to get used to spending their free time surfing the Internet, and new comfortable devices had appeared. At this time, most of the gambling platforms were established and finally took hold of the market. The number of gaming software manufacturers has grown and new gambling games have emerged.

Bitcoin Gambling

Cryptocurrency has influenced and changed many areas, including online gambling. In the industry, at first, there was a big hype, but at the moment, cryptocurrencies are a must for every casino. A great example of a successfully implemented idea of cryptos in gambling is 7bitcasino USA. It is a Bitcoin casino that has a great variety of casino games available. Bitcoin gambling for them is everything.

Bitcoin Gambling

Influence of Cryptocurrencies on the gambling market

For several goals in gambling, cryptocurrency has become a turning point. Many players in countries have been able to finally find their needs met without fear and risk of losing their money.

Also, many affiliate programs and USA bitcoin casinos that are tightly regulated by local licenses and legislation have switched to paying affiliates (traffic providers) in cryptocurrency, which gives them loopholes to avoid unnecessary attention from inspectors and tax authorities.

It is worth noting that a whole segment of crypto games was born, the so-called simple games, the essence of which is that the player can check them for the honesty of the results.

The online gambling industry continues to grow

The gambling industry is gaining momentum by leaps and bounds – and gambling is still one of the most profitable directions for players, and business owners. According to analysts’ forecasts, this year, the market will grow by at least 4.3 billion euros. And in 2021, growth will amount to 3.9 billion euros, and with each subsequent year, it will only gain momentum.

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